Ojas Innovative Technologies
SINCE - 2011


Ojas IT is all about Innovation and Sustainability in IT Services With years of rich experience, we’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence, driven by our innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive approach to serving our esteemed customers. Join hands with Ojas where technology meets sustainability!

We are a leading Technology company specializing in a wide range of technologies, dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


Be a preferred partner to our valued customers by delivering sustainable and innovative technology solutions.


Our mission is to empower all our customers with sustainability and excellence through strategic technology partnership and by providing services in their digital transformation journey.

We RISE With Our Values



We admire and recognize the perspectives of everyone, as we do of our own. We admire and recognize the differences that each one of us bring forth.



We believe in doing everything right, in our words, actions and beliefs. We strive to uphold the trust that our stakeholders place on us.



We strive to provide long term solutions and in enduring relationships with all our stakeholders. We believe in continuous learning and transformation to remain sustainable and relevant.



We strive towards improving every day with determination to provide the best service to our stakeholders. We believe in constantly raising the bar of our performance.

Our Leader emphasizes our commitment to delivering increased value to our stakeholders
swiftly, expansively, reliably, and uniformly.

Mr. Ashok Dongari
Vice President, Sales
Mr. Srinivas Bollapragada
Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Srinivas Nyayapati
Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Top Clients

13+ years of Proud Existence

Established in 2011, Ojas has evolved from a burgeoning technology startup
into a premier software development firm in India.

Why Choose Us


With over 13 years in the industry, we’ve honed our skills and delivered successful projects across diverse domains.


We work closely with you, ensuring your vision is translated into pixel-perfect Solutions.

Agile Developement

Our iterative approach allows us to adapt swiftly to changes and deliver results faster.

Affordable Solutions

Quality need not break the bank. Our cost-effective services cater to businesses of all sizes.